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Women’s freedom of speech - 3C

Tina, Alex, Paolo, and Jason
Women’s freedom of speech : Women of today have the right to be able to express themselves like men. They can express their opinions. We respect the law. The right to freedom of opinions and expressions is fundamental to the enjoyment of a range of human rights, as well as to the political and economic empowerment of women and their participation in public life. Women of today need to be able to express themselves like they want to. They are equal of men, they are able to have an important role in the society of today. They need to be listened and their thoughts need to be taken seriously. Women ‘s freedom of speech is present in Society of today but it’s not completely accepted by everyone sadly. Women need to be respected like men.

Women’s freedom of speech : We women of today have the right to be able to express ourselves. We have every rights to do whatever we like or want. We are always positive and like what we do. We always need to be respected by men. Men think that they are always better but they are not because without a woman by your side you are nothing. It’s true that men provide for the groceries but it’s us that turn it into a delicious meal. It’s true that they pay for the Electricity, but that doesn’t mean that we must be the one that doing laundry, so don’t take we women for granted because you pay for all the bills just to let you know you will be looking for us one day.

We like women, have right to do what’s good but not bad. We must give respect to other people as an instance men, our children and our family. But at the same time we loose ourselves and we go to the wrong way but we know we are right in every situation in our life. So women, we are the champion to do what is good but not bad.

Sometimes, Freedom of speech depends on certain cultures. Being a woman is not easy because you are judged by telling you things you should do and not do. I think women are more criticized than men. Compared to a boy, a girl has to ask permission before going out, that’s not freedom. A woman has the right to say what she thinks. A woman should be careful how she dresses so that the critics don’t exist. I see that sometimes a man can go and look for work without being asked a lot of questions but for a woman we ask a lot of questions, for example if you are pregnant and even in 2022, I see on the networks men still hit their wives. For me, women are very important otherwise we would not have organized an international day for the women, the woman has rights and she must be free.

Written by our pupils on March, 08th 2022.

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